How Do You Learn Best In School?

School is tough. Learning in general is tough. My methods of learning is mainly just listening to music while doing my homework. It honestly helps me speed up the work, as well as somehow making me more aware of my mistakes. When studying for a test or quiz, I just go over my notes and try some questions that my friends or myself make using the methods I reviewed. Though, that’s only a third of what I do to study… The other two thirds of that time is panicking because I’m probably going to mess up. I honestly dislike learning.

What Do I Like About Technology?

What I like about technology is the endless possibilities. Technology can do anything, it replaced jobs, it can preform hard tasks, and it can entertain us. Mainly when people think of technology, it’s computers. Technology is basically everything. Technology evolves all the time to humanity’s needs. That’s what I like about it. Though when it comes to computers, I mainly just like gaming.

Although we know technology as computers, we shouldn’t forget that technology is pretty much 99% of what’s around us.

What Is Technology and How Does It Impact Our Lives

Technology, when did it come to us? Well technology is basically something that sparked at the start of existence, we don’t really know really when it started. Technology is everywhere and we can’t change it. I often overuse it, it also shows us what we should expect in life, THAT is why I overuse it.Image result for electronics

Today we basically have things telling you everything from digital art:

To things telling you how secure your password is:

Really, I think that it’s great to have technology and I wish it could get more advanced but I can’t imagine things getting more advanced at this rate!